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Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Here I am on a Tuesday always waiting to start something new. I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for quite a while now and thinking and learning and planning, but what about the actually doing? That is where I freeze…. not sure anyone else is like me but I suspect others are lurking around thinking these thoughts as I type.

This paragraph written October 19th and fast forward to November 5th is when this first blog post is actually posting to the internet. In these, weeks I’ve slowly worked on creating the website that this post will be attached to, but mostly struggled with the action of actually doing. It’s so easy to sit there, listen to what I should do, take notes, but to actually start a new action.

Action requires being uncomfortable to make the change past your fear. But today fear lies more in my inaction, of staying where I’ve been, staying where I worry about what everyone else thinks, fear that normal isn’t really what I want. And so, I embrace change, and work towards finding my voice to share.

I want to walk out of my comfort zone, a zone that can be “easy” to walk in but can leave you feeling stuck and robotic. Unfortunately, or Fortunately, depending on how you look at it, change in the Wisconsin weather is inevitable. How do you have your kids embrace that idea of change with you? My daughter screams at me as I tell her that she can’t wear capris today because it’s just a bit too cold outside. In her loudest most dramatic voice, “Why is summer GOOONNNEEE!” Finally, she does come down with knee high socks to cover her legs as she walks outside, she does look at me wanting to say “thank you,” but I know that the words are never actually coming out of her mouth, but I’ll take what I can get. We normally take a left out of the house to get to the bus stop but the magic of falling leaves to our right take all of us in awe around the yard admiring, trying to catch, and taking in the beauty that is nature. We stopped for a moment to be grateful for what was in front of us. The now warm socks around her legs are not bothering her anymore as she walks around in amazement. We stop to take some pictures making sure to get in some goofy ones too because they always have more fun with goofy mommy. Change is inevitable, but it is how we respond to it that isn’t. THAT IS A CHOICE. Today we chose to be grateful for the beauty around us! What change are you facing, and how are you responding to it? Post in the comments below 👇

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