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Can you HONESTLY list your VALUES?

The word VALUES has literally been hitting me on the head all week long. First, I heard it in a message from Jay Shetty explaining that you really need to list them out every morning and decide what actions you are taking that lead you closer to them and which ones lead you away. In my response to his message, I think I kind of have an idea of what they are. Then, my therapist literally asks me, “Well, what are your values?” And when asked point-blank….I’m sure you know where this is going….but uuuummmmmm.

So now I ask you can you look at your hand, take each finger, and start listing off your values.

If you got the same response as me, keep reading, if not, please comment below on how you integrate your values into your day-to-day activities.

How exactly do you go about evaluating your values? I started simply by typing in values to google and found lists by both James Clear author of Atomic Habits and Dare to Lead list by Brene Brown. I went through both lists, listing every value that resonated with me leaving me with a list of 30 values.

There must be a cap on how many values you can have until you are in overload?!? So that was my next question, how many core values can you have? As I searched, I found the range 3 to 12, but that seemed a bit wide for me. So, I came across a blog that explained how Marc Lore the brains behind uses three core values to set his company aside from others. When we try to do too many things once, we lose focus too easily.

Now looking closely at my 30ish list, I wonder what do I actually value? What defines where I am now? I kept repeating and reading them until gratitude and grace came forth. I was starting to see a theme of G’s, so growth then popped out. And I emerged at the three G’s: gratitude, growth, and grace. Under each of these, I could explain add other values I was looking at.

I am so full of GRATITUDE for my family, kids, service, friendships, and meaningful work. This helps focus my morning gratitude and be a reminder throughout the day.

I have GROWTH when I go on adventures, use courage, use my creativity, look around in curiosity, persevere in my goals, learn from failures and mistakes, work towards understanding others, adapt rather than complain, and travel to see others ways of doing things.

I show GRACE when I am honest, kind, authentic, vulnerable, trustworthy, loyal, compassionate, and show integrity. And most important, when I shower myself with all of these traits, which honestly, is the hardest part.

I am quick to give grace to the people around me in their mistakes, but myself, just hearing my husband in the kitchen muttering under his breath because something wasn’t put away the right way, sends me into a tailspin and my inner critic “Eeyore” starts yelling me. A trick I just learned give it a name and then you can command it, which I have been working on in giving myself grace.

Activity: What are your 3 core values?

  1. Look at both lists James Clear and Brene Brown or find your own

  2. Write down every value that you gravitate towards

  3. What patterns are you seeing, which word could be linked? Make those links.

  4. Then from those links pick the 3 that stand out.

  5. Write them down with pride!

  6. Share in the comments

  7. Then each day ask, “Do my daily activities embrace these values?”

And adjust accordingly….

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