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Ground in Gratitude

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Being present in the moment is the key to unlocking your truest authenticity and full potential. Every moment we have is precious and we need to be in them in order to change them. Lia Valencia Key learned to shine the light on moments like even in the midst of darkness starting out life homeless and hungry. (Come check out last week’s blog to find out how we met). Her mother saw this light in her and said, “Lia Valencia Key never leave the house without your earrings. They represent the sparkling light so powerful inside of you.” But the true question is how did she? How do we keep our light sparkling when the world’s darkness seems like it is going to swallow us alive? The answer lies in the single word of GRATITUDE.

A journey starts with the realization of where you are and a decision on where you want to go. If you do not know where you are, then picking the right direction to head is impossible. If you do not know where you want to go, then you will never know when you get there. When traveling, these questions can often be answered by using a map. Well, gratitude is that map each one of us can take out. Each time you find a way to express gratitude it not only ripples in your own life, but it ripples out into the people who surround you. Lia explains, “When you are grateful for this moment, this time and express through gratitude it will push you forward and when people feel your gratitude and contentment, they will have the passion to help you.” This is the ripple effect of gratitude.

My guess is this isn’t the first time you have heard that gratitude can be the starting point for so much change. In fact, maybe you’ve given it a try by reflecting on what in your life you are grateful for. However, when the darkness starts to surround you, did you keep trying? Gratitude is the part of the light that will fight back the darkness, and it is in these challenging times when you need it the most. Choosing the Attitude of Gratitude means making a daily effort that turns it into a habit. The question is what are some practical ways to make that habit happen?

Lia and I pondered this question together and we emerged with these ideas. We specifically came up with different options because each of you are so different, and you have to find the one that inspires you and helps you to Ground in Gratitude. We were so grateful to work together in the hopes of starting the Ripple Effect of Gratitude into your lives. Attached you will also find a handout containing questions to ponder to help you find what activities help you most Ground in Gratitude.

Grounding in Gratitude to Start the Ripple Effect of Gratitude

***Each Topic has further explanation through a Video Found on Instagram

***Click the link to find it or come to Instagram on the day to find it

***Handout attached for questions to ask yourself in each category


Ground In Gratitude


Pivot in Gratitude

  • Our dreams don’t always turn out the way we expect them to but Gratitude comes in the form of the PIVOT

  • But when you find gratitude in the PIVOT, you see there is another way, can you find it?

  • Use gratitude in the moment to find your way!

  • We PIVOT to make an alternate plan, try just ONE MORE TIME

  • If you keep trying one more time, YOU’LL NEVER STOP

Abundantly Grateful

  • What are the big things in your life you are grateful for?

  • Sometimes they are too big, when we say family or friends

  • Focus on one person, one idea in the moment to help you be more present

  • As you focus on that one person/idea, where do your thoughts take you?

  • When you focus on one thought of gratitude, it will start the ripple effect see it happen in your mind

Make Gratitude a Habit

  • Check-in With Your Heart when your energy isn't in alignment with the energy you want to put out 3 feet beyond you

  • STOP & ASK: In this moment what can I be grateful for?

  • As Simple As: I'm grateful I'm breathing My Heart is Beating I'm grateful for (this person) I'm grateful I get to check in with my heart

  • Your Heart Will Start to Send the Light You Intend

Celebrate the Whispers of Your Heart in Gratitude

  • Listen to the Whispers in Your Heart and Send that Gratitude

  • When I listen, I was able to work with Lia, where will yours take you?

  • Take the Uncomfortable Action, Reach out to Someone You Admire and Want to Show Gratitude to

Gratitude Turns What We Have Into Enough

  • Let Your Light Shine Through Gratitude.

  • You are able to believe You are strong enough to get what you need!

  • You are enough!

Pick a Sign

  • ​Maybe a red light, stop sign, a piece of jewelry

  • Symbolism helps to slow down our thoughts, see what we value, take a pause

  • Make it Your Trigger of Gratitude, Choose to Recognize It

  • Every time you see your sign take a moment to find gratitude in your moment

​Grounding In Gratitude by Showing the Love

  • ​Show others but don’t forget about yourself

  • When you love yourself more abundantly, then you can show it to others

  • When you forget to love yourself, you run on fumes making it hard to show others

  • Show yourself love by listening to how your body responds to what you are putting in it

  • The Way to Give more love is to give yourself more love


  • Pick Tuesday or a Different Day of the Week to send a note to someone you are grateful for

  • ake it a weekly or daily habit

  • Even when you think of them, you can intentionally send them light and positive energy that they need for that day

  • Send a text, email, or even a picture of you be specific of one thing

Truly Look at Yourself in the Mirror

  • When you look in the mirror, do you see your negative or positive thoughts about you?

  • Spend an extra moment looking past the surface to find one thing you are grateful for

  • Pull out the worthiness, possibility, find the light in your eyes

  • What do your eyes say, find one thing to be grateful for.

  • Get those negative thoughts out of your mind by talking to yourself in the mirror and reframe those thoughts

Compare only with your past self

  • ​Find gratitude in one thing you did differently today, this week, this year looking back at your own self only

  • Find a picture of yourself and truly look at it to find gratitude in how far you really have come, not how far you think you haven’t

  • Don’t let the world dim your own light, see it in how far you have come

Celebrate the small victories in Gratitude

  • First person to pop in your head send them a message of gratitude to celebrate them

  • Have a Done List to look at during the end of the day and celebrate what you did


Reflect on Gratitude

  • Take a small moment to write down and answer these Gratitude Prompts

  • o What are you grateful for today?

  • o What do you love about yourself?

  • o What are you excited about?

  • Use this checklist or a Gratitude Journal

  • Find a way to display it on your mirror & add it to mirror exercise

  • Make a Visual Reminder

The Power of Gratitude

  • Shower Each Other with Gratitude & Tell Each Other at the dinner table what you are grateful for

  • Spotlight how you value them because everyone wants to be Seen, Heard, and Valued just because it’s in your heart doesn’t mean they know it, Tell Them

  • Puts light back into you as you think about gratitude starting the Ripple Effect of Gratitude making you feel better from all the weight of the world, it starts to lift them

  • Gratitude helps you to be in the moment without stressing as much


When you shine bright to inspire the light and choose gratitude, then in the most millimeter form of a smile, an email, even choosing to get out of bed and model for your kids, you will inspire others and gratitude will keep rippling and affecting everyone in your orbit. How will you Ground in Gratitude? Write in the comments below which expression of gratitude resonated with you most and then share with a friend.

And for anyone intrigued, come check out Valencia Key wearable joy. We can all radiate light together in gratitude. Use promo code radiate for 35% off.

Our Circle of Grace Gratitude Handout
Download PDF • 8.57MB

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