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Let Kindness Ripple

I must admit that I had another blog written for today, but my heart is so sick right now. I am at a loss how someone could make that decision to hurt others so recklessly. My heart and prayers go out to all those affected by this horrific event. But I sit here wondering what can we do to fight this?

First, if you would like to donate directly to the families personally affected by this tragedy click this link. The physical and mental challenges that these families will face are immense, so let’s support them.


Yesterday, my son was on the verge of saying another rude comment to his sister as we were sitting around the table during our family meeting. Our family goal had been to recognize kindness which we did for a month and now we’ve changed to showing kindness. My daughter had the idea to say something nice about someone at the table. My son’s lips were curled as I could see the thought process going on as he was about to speak another rude comment. My husband intercepted and made my son think as the words came out, “I had a lot of fun when my sisters came up with the idea to make a gaga ball pit in the basement.” My husband’s arm was around him, and as positive words came out of his mouth, I witness both my husband and son loosen their grip and the corners of my son’s lips start to curl into a sort of smile. He admitted he felt slightly better saying something nice rather than letting the mean comment come out of his mouth.

We all need that feeling of release and love passed on around us. Think about a time when you accidentally cut someone off on the road because you didn’t see them or you thought you had more time to make that move. You feel this sense of regret and wish you could fix it. But if you were the person who was just cut off, you might think they meant to do that or they were just in a hurry. We never know what someone else is really going through, but we can work to be more empathic and work to LET KINDNESS RIPPLE.

It all comes down to our intention. Jay Shetty explains, “The universe deeply conspires on your behalf when your intent is to serve with a pure heart.” We still need to choose that intention and make that choice every time we are presented with the opportunity. We can choose kindness and empathy!

And so, as we enter into this week of Thanksgiving and Holiday craziness, let’s take some time to pass that Kindness on by completing an Act of Kindness. I’ll make some suggestions, but I’d love to hear others in the comments, and most importantly, how you felt after joining LET KINDNESS RIPPLE!



*Smile at someone just because

*send a text to someone you haven’t talked to in while telling them why they are special to you

*have a bunch of hotel toiletries donate to a homeless shelter or keep them in your car to pass out

*Help someone unload their groceries

*Leave extra coupons by the products

*Do a chore for someone without them knowing it

*Compliment another Mom, tell someone they are beautiful, special, unique (carry cards in your purse or supplies so you are prepared when the occasion arises)

*Go a whole day with only passing out compliments, no complaining

*Check on an elderly neighbor

*Leave an encouraging note on someone’s car

*Tell a store worker they are doing a good job

*Hold the door open for someone

*Visit a nursing home

*Write uplifting messages on the sidewalks

*Don’t forget yourself, give yourself a compliment

Cost Money

*Thank you basket for holiday delivery people, see link

*Paint and plant a kindness rock around your neighborhood

*Make cookies for a neighbor

*Donate food to a local pantry or set up a drive

*Donate to a toy drive for the holidays

*Send a card to a friend

*Make cards and send to soldiers

*Buy someone’s coffee behind you

*Donate gently used clothes to local shelters

*Make a meal for someone who needs it

*Tape a lottery ticket to a gas pump

*Donate hair after a haircut

*Leave an extra-generous tip for your server

*Pay it forward in the drive-thru

*Tuck some money in a diaper box in the store with a note for the mom to buy something for herself

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