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Redefining Failure

What does Failure mean to you? To me, it's always been such an ugly word. Wouldn’t it “REALLY” be great if the first time you attempted something, you just nailed it?

I know struggling is hard and easy to avoid but when you actually go through the struggle and come out the other side, that feeling that is pure magic.

I will tell you I almost didn't get out on the ice that night because I was afraid of failing. I would have missed out on that experience with my kids if I hadn't taken that first step on the ice. The ride home was full of excitement because mommy joined them or it could have been me sitting there stewing, wishing I had taken that first step.

Last week, I also stepped out of my comfort zone last week and launched a new course. I got a lot of unexpected support, but at the same time, the launch is what would be considered a failure.

Though I think back to Sara Blakey explaining that every night at dinner her father would ask what did you fail at today? Why would he ask this? When you fail at something, then you are trying something new, are learning, are growing rather than accepting this is all I can do, this is all I can be.

It's time to reframe failure from something that you are trying to avoid to an appreciation you are learning and growing to be your best self. FAIL: First Attempt at Learning

After all, the true key to contentment is progress because when you are out there taking that uncomfortable action, you feel alive. It brings that feeling of getting to the other side more often because you are facing your struggles, learning from them, and moving forward.

That brings me back to my failure and looking at it as a chance to learn from and try a new direction. In rethinking it, I know I'm missing the social proof of my idea, and I can't get that by myself.

Deep down I know this idea will work but it's hard to explain to others because as Trent Shelton says God gave you your purpose, not someone else so you must fight to make it happen. And so, at first, no one else is going to understand it, so I have to find new ways to bring understanding.

Thus, I'm looking for 30 moms who want to embrace this new year and are ready to make a shift in themselves that will ripple into their families and others.

It really is a ripple effect because as you start in a new direction, ideas and direction appear in front of you. For instance, in the middle of writing this blog, a friend suggested I read The Danish Way of Parenting, and in my reading yesterday this was the page I opened. “Competition and striving to be number one are part of what defines being American.” The problem with that American drive, it leaves us alone, afraid to share what is really happening, and afraid to admit we need help and guidance from others.

The book further explains moms, “These days, it seems like fewer and fewer moms are able to show their vulnerability as more and more standards are added to the list of what it means to be a 'good' mother—standards to live up to and, frankly, compete with other mothers over…Many people feel afraid of really opening up and being vulnerable because they don’t want to be judged or rejected. And in this fear, many relationships get reduced to superficialities.”

And so, if you feel you want to go deeper than these superficialities in a safe space that values community through authenticity supported by grace, this would be the place for you. To get this community off the ground, I am offering a FREE SIX WEEK ZOOM COACHING COURSE TO THIS BETA GROUP.

The course would include a 60 to 90 minutes zoom call once a week, growth work, and eventually your own Circle of Grace to share the experience with. The first two classes would be getting to know each other and yourselves again as I work towards making smaller Circles of Grace. You will also be supported by a private Facebook group where you can ask questions as they arise. Then you will learn about different types of self-care as you work towards creating a self-care routine that works for you while getting feedback from Your Circle. Lastly, you will learn how to foster Your Circle after the course if that is something Your Circle chooses to do.

In return, I will ask for feedback after each session. I will also ask for engagement in both Facebook and Instagram while you are part of the class to help me learn what types of posts resonate best. But most importantly, I ask you to decide IF you ARE READY to invest in yourself. I know I am very eager to work alongside you to make this happen for you and the others that become your “Circle of Grace.” But will you commit to yourself?

The first step to investing in you is setting up a 30-minute consultation call with me to see if this beta class with be a good fit. I want you to feel confident that this course is worth your time so that you can have a clear picture of what is being offered and have your questions answered. Click here to schedule today and take your first uncomfortable action towards redefining failure.

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