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It starts with the realization and desire that you want to shake things up! Looking at that first picture, I felt stuck in the sense that I knew I could be something more. But rather than work towards that, I filled my time with candy crush and television because I didn’t know what do to with myself. I also spent a great deal of time either on Facebook or just looking around me comparing myself to other moms not feeling good enough.

Now don’t get me wrong I still love watching shows like This Is Us, but now it is a conscious choice not a habit or way to simply pass the time. The other side of the transformation you don’t see from these pictures is the mental struggle. I chose a strict program called the 75Hard on a whim from a Facebook post because of the regiment. And as I would tell people that I did two exercises a day of mostly walking and yoga, their faces would look impressed. But inside I would think, I haven’t accomplished enough. I’m not running marathons yet or bench pressing some ridiculous number that I still don’t understand.

The only way I was going to succeed was to start slow and keep inching my way. Being consistent allows you to change your habits. The daily decision to take action even if it doesn’t feel like you are getting anywhere is the key. The problem is many of the times we think we need to pick the hardest workouts and the strictest diets to make that change happen.

Two things happen, first, you finish your challenge. But because you deprived yourself s much, your habits didn’t really change and your old habits slowly start to creep in without the challenge to keep you accountable. Secondly, you burn out and give up before the challenge is ever finished and beat yourself up further for not being able to finish.

So how do we solve that problem? First, remember true transformation takes time which means if you start your marathon at a sprint, and try to continue the entire 26 miles that way, at some point you will probably give up. A slow start is the way to go and learn what works for you becomes essential. I’ve realized I’m not an aerobic fan, but getting outside feeling the fresh air taking a walk, I’m there. So, I work hard to get that walk-in!

In this discovery that I really hate aerobics, I wondered does that mean I can’t lose weight? I found that I can be consistent with yoga and walking and still lose weight. I don’t have to do the aerobics. I have friends who roll their eyes and groan at the mention of a downward dog. The thought literally sends them into a tailspin; whereas, I sigh with relief because I can find my peace and balance within that pose. And so, we need to stop looking at what we think we are supposed to be doing and figure out what actually works for us. I need to stop Eeyore from telling me that doing yoga and a walk isn’t good enough. I feel so much healthier and fit than I ever did before.

And yet, I look at these pictures and realize I was able to accomplish this change for two reasons CONSISTENCY AND NEW HABITS. So can YOU!

The big question is what self-care makes you feel better, healthier, and present that you can complete consistently and look forward to. Everyone is so different, so now is the time for exploration. Each Monday going forward we are going to explore a new self-care technique for you to try. Explore with it and fall in love with it, hate it, or simply be neutral. The point is for you to make that decision and keep track of the ones that you love because these are the ones you will want to help make new habits.

We will take a break in there to talk about habits and how to add new ones. But for now, start to think about what actually brings you joy. Are you a yogi, a walker, an aerobic person, or none of the above? Let’s work towards creating your transformation through CONSISTENCY and NEW HABITS doing what speaks to you not what you think you’re supposed to be doing.

Take a look at the attached Habit Tracker for your use. Comment below what type of self-care you would like to try and/or learn more about. 👇

Our Circle of Grace Habit Tracker
Download PDF • 529KB

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