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Your Daily Beauty Routine Is Self-Care

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Change can be so uncomfortable. A month ago, if someone asked, “Do you have a daily beauty routine?” I’d probably look at them perplexed feelings a sense of overwhelm wondering how exactly do I do that. Today thanks to Jen, a L’BRI consultant and friend, I do. Though for me, it was actually facing fear and anxiety to get there.

Facing small fears such as committing to a daily beauty routine can help lead forward momentum. In my previous blog, What Kind of Hold Does Fear Have on You, take a look at your fear list and choose one to start that will lead to your forward momentum.

Jen is a great example of not letting fear stop her from taking action. I can remember around the time Jen’s previous company closed its doors, and she was faced with a decision to represent a new company with a new focus. At the time of this crossroads, it was the beginning of summer break for her three children, and she was in the middle of training for a half Ironman® distance triathlon. She had so much happening in her life, but she simply moved forward ready to take it all on. She believes busy women who take action get things done and here she was doing amazing things finding a new company of amazing products to represent. At the same time, I was still pondering if there was something I could do, in addition, to staying at home with the kids, but mentally I wasn’t there yet.

As she introduced the products to me, that big red stop sign popped into my mind, oh no she’s going to try to sell me something. But it was more than that, it was skincare and makeup. They seemed like too much work for me. She tried to alleviate my concerns but anxiety really stopped me from listening. All I thought is, I can’t do this.

One of the many great things about Jen is, she never pressured. She invited me, but I never felt like I had to. Though as I started participating in the 75Hard Women’s Group on Facebook, some women would talk about how they added a beauty routine to their day as part of Phase 1. I was intrigued wondering if I could do it.

Luckily, Jen invited me to be a guest model for a zoom class she taught for other consultants. I was able to try the products and see what they would be like. She walked us through each step during the presentation, but still, I was intimidated.

As I started writing this blog, thinking about facing my fears, I decided it was time to take on my skincare. I know some of you might be laughing right now, but the thought of it was really overwhelming for me. Think 40-year-old Skin Care Virgin, and now I had to go on that first date. I went to Jen's house for her annual open house with the intention of beginning my daily beauty routine. Here is the link to our first video from that day!

With Jen’s help, I took uncomfortable action; she sweetly supplied me with step-by-step instructions and answered all my questions until I was comfortable. Now, since Nov 23rd, I intergraded a self-care beauty routine applying these products twice a day. My before and after shows a great softness in the lines around my face especially the puffiness below my eyes.

In this last month of developing a beauty routine, I have taken something that seemed impossible and overwhelming. With Jen’s help, I took small obtainable steps that made me feel more confident because I am taking care of myself and putting my best face forward. I still don’t wear make-up very often, but I realized how important it is to take care of my skin.

I also realized, it is okay to get help to overcome fears and face challenges. I know there is a Jen out there for you to help face your fear if you are willing to accept it. You do have to work a little to find them. These are some of the questions I had for Jen to help me feel more comfortable and could help you in your discovery. In addition, this week on Instagram, I’ll be posting videos of this skincare routine, applying make-up, and how to clean your make-up brushes. Personally, I hadn’t ever thought about cleaning them, but let’s keep as much bacteria away from our faces as possible.

Q: What does having a beauty routine mean to you?

A: A beauty routine, putting my best face forward, loving the skin I’m in, and feeling confident and cared for by ME is self-care. It is important to me and makes me feel good. And the older I get, the more non-negotiable my self-care is.

Q: What advice can you give someone that had never had one before?

A: Start with whatever you will feel good about committing to. For example, if you know about yourself that you will NEVER take the time to do the 5 essential steps recommended, then start with 2 or 3! It’s doing something to care for your skin that matters.

Q: What products should someone start with?

A: Back to the 5 steps! Cleanse, Freshen (or known as pH balance), Eyecare/repair, Moisturize, and at least twice a week – Exfoliate. These steps will ensure a lifetime of well-cared-for, hydrated, and happy skin. The most basic would be our TRIO – Cleanse, Freshen and Moisturize.

Q: What have you felt these products have done for you?

A: For over 25 years my skin was acne-prone, blemished, out of balance, and oily. It really impacted how I felt and how confident I was. Especially as a woman in her 30’s still battling all this stuff that teenagers are challenged with. I have said many times, I am the oldest I have ever been and besides being a young child, this is the best my skin has ever looked or felt!

Q: How long have you been selling L’BRI?

A: I have been sharing L’BRI for 5 ½ years and enjoying it personally for over 16 years.

Q: There are so many companies out there, what makes L’BRI different?

A: Aloe’s ability to rebuild, regenerate, and restore means that it delivers more anti-aging benefits and improves overall skin health. That's why L’BRI chose aloe as the primary ingredient for its skincare, haircare, and body care products. I had no idea before L’BRI but there are literally hundreds of varieties of aloe. L’BRI uses the “best of the best” — Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller.

The aloe is processed to get the highest grade possible. Each leaf is hand-filleted to remove the inner gel, not ground whole leaves or dried leaf powder which you will find in other products that state they contain aloe. L’BRI uses a cold stabilization process to retain 100% of the aloe’s healing properties, not a heat process that can literally “cookout” those unique properties. A LOT of people do not know that the majority of skincare products in the market commonly use water as the main ingredient. (Take a peek at the bottles in your home!)

We know as women many of us spend a lot of money on our skincare, and it’s unfortunate many are receiving products that are mostly made of water and in many cases some very unhelpful chemicals. L’BRI uses aloe vera gel. Combining this superior ingredient with botanicals, anti-aging peptides, vitamins and minerals produce products that deliver visible results, leaving your skin healthier and more beautiful. Additionally, I admire the way they always keep our customers and consultants in mind with every decision and how they treat me as an independent consultant, I LOVE my job. The benefits, the discount, the income, the travel, the support - it's absolutely amazing!

Q: I was intrigued by the aloe gel that helps with sunburn, have you used that before?

A: I use aloe gel every single day as my morning and nighttime moisturizer. It is the recommended product for moisturizing with a skin type like mine. I always joke, I use what the teenagers use! The Oil-Control/Blemish set.

Q: Are there other products that you can recommend that help with problems that might arise like sunburn, insect bites, rashes?

A: Our Freshener is effective for calming bites. A sunburn is greatly helped by the Aloe of course as well as the Anti-Oxidant Face Mist. When I FRIED myself by accident in Florida in March, I used the Rejuvenating Facial peel on my neck and shoulders to safely and effectively exfoliate all the dead skin that was peeling. And when you remove that layer then the skin can better soak up all the aloe vera jelly to help it heal and restore as you are treating the living layer of skin rather than the dead surface cells of a burn. It was great!

Q: What makes you believe in these products so much?

A: If it isn’t obvious already – plain and simple they WORK! The results I have seen have been amazing. My 17-year-old just paid me the highest compliment relative to this last week completely unsolicited. She said, “Mom, you are aging in reverse!” I have had multiple people tell me I look like I am 35. And They are way off base. Ha! I am nearly 50. I’ll take it! Nothing could make me give up my L’BRI! I just love the healthy, natural products AND that they are based in and founded in Wisconsin for almost 25 years!

Please share your beauty routine down below, or if you are like me and need a little help, feel free to check out this link to look at the wonderful L’BRI products discusses. Plus, if you wanted a little free advice or recommendations when you click the link a short little quiz pops up to give you personalized advice to help you figure out what would make the best beauty routine for you. If you have more specific questions about L’BRI, feel free to ask using the comments or chat button. I look forward to learning even more from all of you!

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